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ALL TIGERS rouge à lèvres top coat lèvres pailleté turquoise GREEN METAL 989

3 raisons d'adopter le rouge à lèvres bleu-vert ALL TIGERS

In the range of ALL TIGERS lipsticks, there is this Lipstick METAL GREEN 989 "STEAL THE SHOW", a turquoise whose blue-green metallic reflections attract all eyes. It makes everyone very curious... And it ignites Instagram!

ALL TIGERS rouge a levres bleu vert turquoise shiva_mylife 

Sur l'excellent Insta @shiva_mylife

Ok, it is vegan, it is 100% natural, of which 45% organic, it is long held, it does not dry lips...But how do you use it? Who's going to wear such a color? We're going to show you three reasons why you should throw yourself at it.

ALL TIGERS GREEN METAL 989 rouge à lèvres top coat turquoise bleu vert

1 > Because it's militant: #greenIsFun!

When we imagined this slightly crazy hue, we had an idea behind the hue. We want to change mindsets. You know well: when you think natural and vegan makeup, in general one imagines colors a neutral, from the beige to the faded red... And there, BAM: turquoise!

ALL TIGERS GREEN METAL 989 rouge à lèvres top coat

With the Lipstick GREEN METAL 989, ALL TIGERS claims that green makeup is fun! Yes, it is a 100% natural tint, 45% organic ingredients, 100% vegan, certainly... And yet, We're in real makeup. A base of vegetable oils and waxes, natural mineral pigments, but a crazy result!  The kind of color that is found in the expert hands of a makeup artist. The kind of color that gives the desires of celebration, extravagance, insolence. This color is what is called a statement, a position: #GreenIsFun !

2 > Because the improbable colors are totally trendy

They are all parades, and more and more in the street, since some seasons: green, turquoise, black, navy blue, yellow, green, the original colors are on all the lips. Hesitating between red and pink is so 2010!

Now, lips adorned with these wild shades are more effective accessories than shoes or a minaudière to invent an original outfit. Let us tell you, it is your mouth that decides your look. And your mouth is queen. 

The little name of GREEN METAL 989 ? "STEAL THE SHOW"! A mantra that we should all repeat in the morning, when we lack a little confidence in us, when we want to be forgotten... Steal the spotlight, capture the looks! Dare to seize the scene: it is yours.

3 > Because you can also use the turquoise lipstick in top coat

You don't dare all-turquoise? Do A Glitter top coat for your lips ! Applied over another color, it is the indispensable for give relief, from originality to a more classic color, especially in intense shades, red or purple. This is the a touch of light original, a blow of shine for the lips.

ALL TIGERS GREEN METAL 989 rouge à lèvres top coat

But how to apply a top coat lip? Here are some simple tips for not getting miss.

1 - A dull red is first applied Rather dark, red or purple

2 - We put a few touches of top coat, At the fingertips, on the heart of the upper and lower lips.

3 - We spread by tapping lightly, By insisting on the bulging of the lip

4 - One pinches a handkerchief between the lips To ' fix ' the material-and go!

Whether you are #TeamLipstick or #TeamTopCoat, the queen of the Jungle is you. You want to take over ALL TIGERS? One solution: Subscribe now to our page Instagram And make your voice heard.  We consult our community at every key milestone of the brand... Ready to roar? ROAAARRRR!


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