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3 tricks to remove your long-lasting lipstick

3 tricks to remove your long-lasting lipstick

This is now a meeting on this blog: Cécile from the blog Lizzie's confidences Share with us every week her beauty tips. 

Easy Mat All TIGERS liquid lipsticks are known to be stubborn and long-lasting. And besides, no wonder: in co-creating the range, the women on Instagram indicated that they were constantly looking for the most resistant mat lipstick. I thought you'd like to know my 3 beauty tricks for a quick and efficient makeup without leaving a trace.

How to remove makeup a long-lasting lipstick easily?

A cleansing oil for removing makeup a matte lipstick 

My first advice is to always have a cleansing oil on hand. These textures have made their place in our bathrooms for a few years, because they allow to remove makeup gently.  In fact, to subtract a lipstick easily, whose base is greasy, it is advisable to apply a fat body on the lips. Fat for fat! A demakeup water is thus not effective. Ideally, prefer a vegetable-based oil or otherwise a phase makeup remover.

You no longer have cleansing oil on hand? Think of coconut oil, grape seed oil or olive oil. In the comments of this article, you also quoted Jojoba oil as the ultimate alternative. 

Lip balm for removing makeup a long-lasting lipstick 

Lip balm like makeup remover? It's a little-known beauty tip, useful for removing a particularly resistant liquid lipstick. The lip balm, thanks to its high-fat composition, makes it possible to gently take off the lipstick. To do this, simply pass a layer of lip balm on your liquid lipstick and then pass a cotton or handkerchief. If necessary, you can renew the operation. It can then be useful to finish by wetting a cotton and/or handkerchief to remove the last residue. You will soon see that this tip is ultra efficient. The lip balm is a multi-purpose savior to always have on SOI summer as winter.  Besides, cocoa butter has the same virtues, it's good to know:D

The lip scrub, an effective makeup remover!

Just as it is essential to regularly exfoliate the lips for a better holding of the lipstick, because it eliminates the Little dead skins and relief imperfections, but Did you know that lip scrub could also be a top makeup remover? In fact, when you apply your Matt ALL TIGERS lipstick, this one will also attach itself to dead skins, surface irregularities. As a result, exfoliation can be removed more easily while smoothing the lips. A 2-in-1 beauty tip to keep preciously!

I have shared with you 3 beauty tricks to always keep in mind for a practical and immediate lip makeup. And always useful when it comes to démaquiler the formulas of lipsticks like ALL TIGERS, so tenacious. Besides, to ward off all circumstances of life, also think about Our tips for removing a lipstick stain from a piece of furniture or fabric.

Do you have any other tips for removing makeup from a matte lipstick?

Cecile, from the blog "confidences of Lizzie"


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