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What are ALL TIGERS lipsticks made of?

What are ALL TIGERS lipsticks made of?

ALL TIGERS contains 82% to 100% of natural ingredients: yes, but which ones? You ask us very often questions about the composition of the natural formulas all TIGERS, here is some info on the ingredients present in our formulas.

Have you read barbaric names in the ingredients lists on the back of all TIGERS ' packaging? It is probably that you do not speak the INCI;-) Then we'll get the dictionary out!

And if you are one of those who undress their laptop and scan each product with a specialized app, it doesn't always help: the information displayed is not always consistent from one app to another. Aware of the importance of these apps in your decisions, We have validated ALL TIGERS formulas by Composcan, recognized for the particularly rigorous evaluation process.

Just recently, a little trick on Yuka made us want to cut the field ' (organic), since the composition all TIGERS is judged simply excellent.

ALL Red TIGERS Yuka excellent lipstick natural vegan

On cosmetic packaging, the regulations require that the ingredients be presented according to the INCI standard, or International Nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients, which has the advantage of unifying the presentation of the components of a product , regardless of the country of origin. Disadvantage (size): We do not understand anything.

How are all TIGERS lipsticks formulated? You are given more information about the ingredients in the formulas. Some are present in large quantities (such as vegetable oils!), other in very small quantities (such as water and alcohol!), ILS are listed in alphabetical order according to their INCI name.

    All TIGERS Ingredients

    • ALOE BARBADENSIS leaf extract = Aloe Vera leaf extract, used for its moisturizing proporiétés [Oridine Americas]

    • ALUMINA = Aluminium oxide, participates in the creation of certain colors 

    • AQUA (water) = water

    • ASCORBYL PALMITATE = Our Reds unfortunately contain palm oil [origine Asie] : It is not a choice but some natural ingredients are delivered to us in this medium, because of its antioxidant properties-we explore other supply chains.

    • CENTELLA ASIATICA EXTRACT = macerate bio de CENTELLA ASIATICA, the famous "Herb Au Tigre", known for its restorative properties and répatratices [Origin Asia]

    • CI77492 (IRON oxides), CI 45410 (RED 27 LAKE), Ci 15850 (red 6), CI 77491 (Iron oxides), CI 77499 (Iron oxides), CI77742 (MANGANESE VIOLET), Ci 15850 (red 6) = coloured pigments, contribute to the creation of different shades-no carmine pigment extracted from Mealybugs

    • Citric acid = Natural citric acid

    • COPERNICIA CERIFERA (CARNAUBA) Wax = Wax of CARNAUBA Organic, brings its consistency to the formula [Origin Americas]

    • COCOS NUCIFERA (coconut) oil = coconut oil with nourishing properties [Origin Asia]

    • HELIANTHUS ANNUUS (sunflower) SEED oil = organic sunflower oil [Origin Asia]

    • HYDROGENATED jojoba Oil = Organic Jojoba oil [Origin Americas]

    • GLYCERYL Rosina = Ingredient texturisant

    • LECITHIN = Natural Lecithin

    • Magnesium oxide, contributes to the creation of certain colors

    • Mica = Mica, mineral extract, Participates in the creation of certain colors

    • OLEIC/LINOELIC/LINOLENIC POLYGLYCERIDES = Texturisant of natural origin [Origin France]

    • Fragrance (Fragrance) = Fragrance 100% of natural origin

    • POLYGLYCERYL-4 caprate = texture Ingredient

    • POLYGLYCERYL-3 DIISOSTEARATE = natural-Origin emollient

    • PROPYLENE GLYCOL = alcohol used for conservative properties, it is present in small quantities as the basis of some natural raw materials

    • Ricin communis (castor) seed oil = Castor seed oil, certified organic-no relation of course with the Beaver Animal!

    • Titanium dioxide-Caution: This dye and texturisant is decried when it contains nano-particles-for our ALL TIGERS formulas We exclusively use titanium dioxide certified without nano-particles

    • TOCOPHEROL = Natural Vitamin E

    • Tridecae = vegetable oil derivative, texturisant-do not confuse with synthetic mineral oils derived from petro-chemistry, which bear the same denomination: we use a plant derivative, 100% of natural origin, approved by the labels Natural European and used to mimic the sensory properties of oils derived from petro-chemistry [Origin Asia]

    • SILICA = silica, natural mineral extract

    • Undecan = derivative of vegetable oils, texturisant-do not confuse with mineral oils derived from petro-chemistry, which bear the same denomination: we use a plant derivative, 100% of natural origin, approved by the European natural labels and Used to mimic the sensory properties of oils from petro-chemistry [Origin Asia]

    • ZEA MAYS (corn) starch = corn starch [Origin Europe]

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