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How do I prevent the lipstick from drooling or running?

Wearing a lipstick, especially if it's natural and vegan, it's hyper glam and lets you reveal your smile. The application is super easy but it does not have to drool or file between the folds. How to avoid that an easy matte lipstick does not drool? What are all TIGERS tips for a lipstick not to spill over?

ALL TIGERS avoid lipstick overflowing file drooling Burr

Our tips for a lipstick that does not smear

Especially when a lip contour is a little marked byfine lines, the lipstick tends to spin in thefine lines around the lips.

Why does it drool? Imagine lips that you look at the magnifying glass, with fine lines on the whole contour. When you apply the lipstick, with fine lines, the contours of the lip being irregular, they do not play their role of barrier, of natural delimitation. La matter of lipstick will then ' migrate ', that is to say that thepigments will move to the surface of the skin, because of the movements of the lips during the day. Ouch, it's drooling!

Let's move on to our ultra-simple tips for a lipstick with precise contours. Here are the gestures that must be carried out systematically so that the Red remains stable on the lips. 

1. lip pencil to delimit the lip contour  

No, it is not a revival of the years 90, where it over-highlighted the lips ! The lip pencil is an indispensable make-up tool to delimit the contours of your mouth. From now on, it is discreet, we redraw the mouth in pencil before applying the lipstick for a natural effect! It creates a physical delimitation, an imperceptible barrier, which fixes the lipstick.

Before applying your lipstick, the lip pencil avoids burrs and disgraceful overflows. Thus, you draw a precise and delicate trait. The lipstick doesn't move and has a better outfit.

Bonus: how to choose your lip pencil color? 

By the way, how do we choose? Many lip pencils are on the market. There are a multitude of shades and textures: simple or Jumbo pencil thicker and creamy... The drier textures are ideal with a gloss to highlight the contour of your lips. They are more supported and therefore more visible. Be vigilant at your choice: the more a dry lip pencil the more difficult the stroke will be to trace. For a matte or Satin Red, if you want a soft finish, prefer the softer and creamy galenic, a bit like a bold pencil.

To choose the right color, nothing very complicated, you have to try to match the shades. If you opt for a nude lipstick, prefer a tint close to the natural color of your lips. If you fall for a dark or brightly coloured lipstick, adopt a slightly darker color. The Pro makeup artists evoke one to two shades of gap between the pencil and the lipstick to avoid any demarcation.

Invisible lip pencils also have the coast right now. Their transparent tint is the solution if one is afraid of wrong color. It has the same properties as a classic pencil to prevent overflow.  

For a successful application, one begins by applying the pencil on the heart of the lips insisting on the bow of Cupid, the small name of the middle of the upper lips. Then, slight hatching is carried out on the lip contour. Finally, the two materials are melting using the tip of the pencil or the fingertips.

2. pinch the lips on a handkerchief: a reflex to have

When the material is in excess on the lips, the risk that it overflows during the day is maximum... Therefore, to avoid any Burr, it is essential to pinch a handkerchief between the lips to remove the surplus. This technique allows to have less material and Burr. A firsteasy and low-cost stuce you need to apply today.

3. makeup Tip: the anticerne to catch a Burr or overflow 

I find that diverting makeup products is an insufficiently prevalent practice! Yet every cosmetic can be used in different ways. Take the example of the anticerne, it is fabulous for the mouth. 

The anticerne applied by keys around the lips allows to delimit the contours and to put your mouth in value. Likewise, it helps to correct a Burr using a small sponge or a brush. To do this, you just insist on above the famous Cupid bow and inside your lips. Then you need to immediately drop the lipstick. Holding your lipstick will be better and no more overflowing on the horizon.

There you go!

As you can see, the make-up tricks to make the natural lipstick hold are numerous. The lip pencil is the easiest makeup trick to prevent the lipstick from protruding. However, I invite you to test all the other tips to find out which one suits you best:D In this way, your lipstick will no longer spin. To your lips so glam ' for long hours! Are you lip pencil follower 

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