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ALL TIGERS couleurs tendance rouges à lèvres

4 lipstick colors you'll love in the spring

What will be the colors of lipstick that will make the trend of the upcoming season? A few weeks from the beginning of spring 2019, Cécile from the blog The Confessions of Lizzie Delivers his predictions.

Hello, TIGERS!

For this spring 2019, the colors of lipstick are announced punchy but also soft and delicate. We're going to be spoiled! Decryption!

ALL TIGERS couleurs tendance rouge à lèvres naturel vegan

What are the colors to wear in 2019?

The orange coral lipstick, the color trend of the spring 2019

The "Living Coral", Orange coral, is the color 2019, chosen by Pantone, the famous colour swatch. Whether it's in fashion shows, on the street, in Deco and I'm going, Coral is the color of the moment ! Coral is a universal color that provides a touch of light and softness. It allows in the blink of an eye to give light and reflection. That's why we all have a coral blush in our vanity, right? And This hue is equally flattering on the lips. In fact, the orange coral adapts to all types of skins and all skin tones, They warm them, illuminate them.  That's good, ALL TIGERS also comes in a superb orange coral lipstick Semi-matt, natural and vegan of course, which will be ideal for the spring 2019 and the beautiful summer evenings. Alternatively, the Coral Rose Lipstick is also a safe value!

View the liquid lipstick 785 ORANGE Coral ' HEAR ME ROAR '

Fuchsia lipstick: To give energy to your makeup

After being perceived as too girly, silly limit, the fuchsia regains its letters of nobility. The fuchsia is a vivid, intense and bubbly color like red. Once on the lips, the fuchsia lipstick gives the mouth the volume, the class, the brightness. The fuchsia rose reveals a woman of characterwho assumes her choices and actions, who does not seek to go unnoticed. So... A woman ALL TIGERS! Attention, A fuchsia lipstick is to be combined with a light complexion,fresh and bright as well as a make-up of soft eyes. You'll see it everywhere in this spring 2019, are you ready?

View Liquid lipstick 786 FUCHSIA ' OWN THE STAGE '

Plum gains ground in spring 2019

Plum is a warm, deep and sustained color. She brings to makeup a touch of rebellious femininity, glamour and pop. Plum shades are essential for the year 2019. At the same time dazzling and daring, the plum announces freshness and voluptuousness. it wears with a sunburnt skin like a paler complexion. It fits all the makeup styles from the simplest to the most sophisticated. In short, it is time to indulge yourself with an easy matte plum lipstick.

View the liquid lipstick 980 VIOLET 980 ' FEEL the POWER '

The red mouth, always as sexy

Red lipstick is a must-have, and this is not ready to stop believing the 2019 makeup trends. We opt for a red color covering, enveloping and glamorous. Red lipstick is in the daytime as in the evening, it brings this touch of chic and elegance to the French. In green and vegan version, Pure red lipstick ALL TIGERS is perfect: It is light, pleasant, "spicy" to wish, and leaves an impeccably smooth finish. What to ask for better?

See the pure Red 888 liquid lipstick ' CALL ME QUEEN '

Personally, I have a real heart for coral and fuchsia. For those who follow me on my blog, They Know my love for the fuchsia hue, it brings punch to the make-up. The Coral Orange is synonymous with lightness and sunshine. And I also like to wear it in summer, when the temperatures are high. I think it fits perfectly with a slightly tan or well-tanned complexion. In short, my choice is clear: I want these colors on my hairdresser for the spring and even the summer 2019!

And you TIGERS, do you have a color preference? What colors do you usually wear in spring? Hear US roar: #WeAreALLTIGERS!

Cécile from the Blog Lizzie's confidences

[photo : Gustavo Spindula]


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