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Which lipstick colors to avoid if you have yellow teeth.

Which lipstick colors to avoid if you have yellow teeth.

"Your teeth are stained by coffee, tobacco..." » Remember that ad where the girl minaudait hiding behind her cup of coffee in front of her handsome colleague with big white teeth? The poor, if only she had known that her lipstick could save her!

Lipstick and yellow teeth: But what's the connection? No worries if your teeth are naturally white, no problem. But if they have a rather marked yellow shade, Prudence! Be aware that some colors of lipstick can have a strange result on your teeth: by a contrast effect, they can make your teeth appear more or less yellow.

But then (rolling drums and eyes wide of anguish...) which lipstick to choose when you have yellow teeth?

So handy, you are granted, one day there will be a tendency #FièreDeMesDentsJaunes. As there is a tendency #jaimemonAcné or #jekiffemesVergetures. Yes, it's hard to be too far ahead of your time. Your time will come. In the meantime, we choose a lipstick that "bleaches" is better, right? 

Lipstick colors To avoid To fight the yellow teeth

"Open your mouth and say AAAAAH!": Today, Dr. Tiger will give you some keys to choose the tint of lipstick to revive the brightness of your teeth. Subject moderately glamorous, certainly, but hey, as much as we say things frankly, right? 

You certainly know the whole arsenal of protocols for bleaching yellow teeth: bleaching kits, expert toothpastes, foods to avoid, protocols in a dentist... But the lipstick also has a role to play. If your teeth have a yellowish tendency, it is better to carefully choose the right lipstick color.

Let's start with the bad news for those with yellow teeth. To avoid making your case visually worse, it is better to stay away from shades that contain yellow, such as orange colors, brick, peach, for lack of contrast with enamel. Yes, these shades are sublime, yes, they go to everyone... But if your teeth are yellow, these tones will alter your smile, and that would be a pity, wouldn't it?

We will also stay away from the Violets, whose blue base can also have a slightly yellowing optical effect.  Ditto for pop colors in green or yellow tones: we avoid.

3 Colors of lipsticks that "whiten" the Teeth

It's just an illusion, a sense of optics, but it's already that! Good news, if some colors tend to aggravate the yellowed effect of the teeth, other colors will rather neutralize this effect. Here are three ideal shades for those with yellow teeth. In a natural and vegan version, it's even better not?

The Red lipstick 888 = This beautiful red, pure and timeless, is the ideal ally of a little yellow teeth. We hardly notice them anymore!

The Lipstick FUCHSIA 786 = Tonic, vivid, colorful, this fuchsia pink makes you look radiant... Ditto for your teeth.  

The Lipstick Peach 682 = It softens the Strokes, freshens your complexion... A sweet aura whose teeth also benefit. !

Whether you are team "white teeth" or team "yellow teeth", the Queen of the Jungle is you. You want to take over ALL TIGERS? One solution: Subscribe now To our page Instagram and make yourself heard! At every key milestone of the brand, we consult our community.

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