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Wrinkles around the lips? The best tips to keep your lips looking young

Wrinkles around the lips? The best tips to keep your lips looking young

A guest of Mark today: when you meet Cecile for the first time, her communicative energy and her determination make a strong impression, a real Tiger! His blog Lizzie's confidences Feeds on his natural curiosity and his desire to share his advice and his favorites on a daily basis. She will regularly deliver on the all TIGERS blog her beauty and natural makeup tricks with the whole community. Tested and approved, Cécile's advice will nourish your confidence! 

Hello, Tigers! Delighted to meet you on the first time on the blog ALL TIGERS, a brand that I love! And we start with a subject that is important to me, because it plays directly on our trust in US: the lines of the contour of the lips.

When I talk about lipstick, I immediately think of that part of the face so delicate... Lip contour wrinkles are often little taken into account, while they can become a real complex.

For some of us, it can start very young. We women are told that they reflect our joy of living, that they bear witness to a life rich in smiles... but it is not a pleasure to see them in the mirror! There are a few practical, easy and quick tricks to preserve the youthfulness of our lips and their contour.

What do you need to know about lip wrinkles? 

    Just like the wrinkles of the rest of the face, we find two types of wrinkles: the wrinkles of expression and the wrinkles of aging. Expression wrinkles are linked to repeated contractions of the facial muscles while aging wrinkles are the result of sagging skin. Collagen and elastin are deteriorating. From then on the lines and wrinkles around the lips appear.


    Reduce wrinkles around the lips-ALL TIGERS

    6 Habits to maintain the youth of the lips

    Opt for targeted anti-aging care 

      Most often, a good facial routine begins with a moisturizing and anti-ageing care duo suitable for your skin type and your problem. The duo consists of an anti-ageing serum and a cream. In a natural and vegan version, of course! Several brands offer very nice formulas, you have a choice. The beauty routine is a gesture that becomes automatic in order to nourish and soften the skin. Anti-Aging Serum can be mixed with cream or applied just before anti-aging cream.

      In the application, it is necessary to forget the fragile area of the contour of the lips, like that of the eyes. Do not hesitate to make slight circular movements by tapping on your fine lines. You don't leave baby in a corner, the same goes for the lips and their outlines! You will have understood, we hydrate again and always, of course on a perfectly cleansed and clean skin.

      The lip scrub, a must for the youth of the lips!

        In addition to your well-installed routine, it is advisable to make once a week summer as winter a lip scrub and lip contour. It's a habit to take!

        Exfoliating this sensitive area of the face is essential to bring it flexibility, well-being and energy. Indeed, the cells of the epidermis renew themselves naturally on a regular basis. However, over the years, the cells are less active, the dead cells accumulate and the skin thickens. Fine lines become wrinkles, dig a little more. They become furrows. In order to avoid this degradation and to allow the skin to replenish, the epidermis regularly needs nudges like a scrub. It reactivates the microcirculation of the skin's blood, and regenerates new cells. Exfoliate its delicate mouth and the contour of the lips to soften the imperfections then to smooth and to make finer the skin grain. This one becomes firmer and softer. In addition, the contour of the lips and lips become glowing. Test and you will see: This action ' plumps ' naturally the lips:D

        Makeup of the complexion: we crack on an anti-ageing straightening base even for the contour of the lips

          Few women think about it but there is a multitude of Foundation. It must be said that in recent years they have flooded the market. They gently drop under your foundation or cream BB. An anti-ageing straightening base helps to gently and delicately camouflage these nasty fine lines. However, the straightening Foundation is applied to the entire face. and free to insist on the contour of the lips!

          The foundation and the powder with smoothing properties to alleviate the wrinkles of the lips

            Once again, we find solutions to reduce furrows and other fine lines. As a result, choosing your foundation or your cream BB is very important. You can easily find skin makeup products with smoothing or lifting effects. During the Applicaton, we insist on the fine lines of the contour of the lips!

            Finally, it may be a good idea not to neglect the powder that can come to waste. Therefore, it is advisable to apply a light and thin powder so as not to weigh the whole. Think about curing your complexion makeup.

            The choice of lipstick has great importance against the wrinkles and fine lines of the lip contour

              Finally, we get to the lip makeup! If you want to have a pretty well-drawn mouth you should not be mistaken in choosing the texture and color of ALL TIGERS lipstick.

              -Texture side: By applying the lipstick, one does not hesitate to apply or to fade with the fingers, and to pinch the lips on a handkerchief: by removing from the material, one limits the risk of "spinning" in the lines of the edges of the lips. You can also use a lip liner to mark the contour.

              -Color side: I find that the bright shades tend to harden the traits. So if you want to put your lips in value with a nice color, opt for a discreet but satin color. You will find your happiness within the ALL TIGERS range, as a FISHING 682, or a ROSEWOOD 683. The idea is obviously not limited: there is one circumstance for each color, even the freshest! But this advice remains valid on a daily basis, and in a range of vegan and natural lipstick, we want to test everything. For me, they give back volume, voluptuousness to your mouth. What more could you ask for?

              2 expression exercises face the mirror to reduce wrinkles around the lips 

                And now, a little gym! Less known to beautify our smile, two exercises to do at home in front of his mirror. To do this, stand right in front of your ice and inhale deeply. For an effective anti lip wrinkle, you need to perform these exercises twice a week for a month, then at least once a week in maintenance.

                The first exercise is called vowel laughter. It will allow you to firm up the corner of the lips. For this, you need to articulate a series of vowels (a, E, I, O, U, y) in a large burst of laughter. For a convincing result, perform this exercise 4 times in a row.

                The next exercise is a natural anti wrinkle lip that has proven its effectiveness in toning the lips. It is enough to make the fish for 3 minutes. Aspirate the cheeks inward until the lips are in the shape of an eight and remain frozen for a few seconds. Then release and repeat. 

                Did you see the birth of fine lines around your lips? I hope that thanks to my tricks, you will see that it is not a fatality. Whether you are 20, 30, 40 50 years or older, do not leave this sensitive area. Cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate are the watchwords.

                And my last tip: don't focus on your lip contour. Okay, we take them seriously, we treat them, but at the bottom, these fine lines around the lips remain the most beautiful, they reflect your personality, and all those moments when you expressed yourself, where you smiled, burst with laughter, sung to the head. That's you, that's all. You are beautiful! Just take care of yourself-hear us roar! #WeAreALLTIGERS

                Cécile, from the blog Lizzie's confidences, for ALL TIGERS


                [photo Gabriel Matula]


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