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ALL TIGERS - Vernis à ongles naturel et vegan

The best natural and vegan nail polish

Dress, colors, ease of application: Green nail polish has nothing to envy to conventional varnishes, To potentially toxic ingredients. Cécile from the Blog Lizzie's confidences We are talking about 3 brands of varnish that will go so well with your natural lipsticks ALL TIGERS...

Hello, TIGERS! With natural lipsticks and vegan all TIGERS, it's all our makeup kit that's upset.  We are increasingly paying attention to the makeup products we use: Whether it is lipsticks, eyeshadow or varnishes, these formulas are scanned and analyzed...

I wanted to do a special zoom on nail polish. Did you know that 1/4 of women wear nail polish very regularly? Green brands are born to satisfy us. It has to be said that the demand is getting stronger, and that is good. I have selected for you 3 brands of natural varnish that you will love.

Why is it necessary to succumb to natural varnish? 

What I like in natural varnishes 

First of all, It should be known that a conventional varnish contains very many agents not at all ecological and potentially toxic... The horror! Needless to say, I definitely prefer a clean version without toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates, styrene, camphor, xylene or other parabens.

Unlike conventional nail polish, potential toxic agents are disappearing for the benefit of natural solvents, such as maize, cassava, wood pulp, potato or cotton derivatives, or even plant pigments. The natural varnish is one of the cosmetic revolutions of recent years.

And the green varnishes are just as powerful as the classic varnishes. Today the brands make a lot of effort for a choice of varied shades with a beautiful pigmentation. Natural nail polish has an excellent outfit. The result: Green varnishes are high quality products!

ALL TIGERS meilleures marques vernis naturel

Their use is similar to conventional varnishes with practical brushes with synthetic hairs. The drying is quite fast. Finally, most of the natural varnish marks are even cruelty-free & vegan. They do not contain ingredients of animal origin and are not tested on animals. Anyway, they have everything to please.

3 brands of natural varnish to be tested absolutely!

Kure Bazaar varnishes: The pioneer of natural luxury varnish

KURE BAZAAR is a brand of natural varnish made in France. Born several years ago, it revolutionized the market with an innovative formula based on natural products, when the offer was limited to conventional varnishes stuffed with synthetic. The stroke of genius of the brand does not stop there: Kure Bazaar Manucurist declines its natural varnish in an infinite number of shades. The colors are vivid, punchy and trendy.

Kure Bazaar has high-performance natural varnishes in the long run. And with vitamin E and bamboo, the green formula combines an unparalleled outfit with restorative virtues. the natural varnish becomes thus almost a care.

The application of Kure Bazaar varnishes is easy and precise thanks to the brush in the form of a cat tongue. The smooth, fluid and opaque texture offers perfect coverage. The result is optimal on healthy nails. The brand of natural varnish has been able to stand out and we understand better why, between ideal formula, wide range of colors, excellent outfit, pigmentation and easy application. Kure Bazaar Manucurit has nothing to envy to the classic varnish marks, and it is found in a selected distribution, department stores and high-end institutes in the lead.

Manucurist varnishes: From pro varnish to natural varnish

Manucurist was created by Fanny Lebrat and her two daughters, several years ago now. In 2002, they first decided to launch a range of professional varnishes as well as a professional education school. And after many years of research, the family business tackles the natural, and creates a first range of varnishes and high-end care in green version, destined for the professional circuit. Since then, Manucurist is keen to preserve and evolve its values. Indeed, the varnishes are made exclusively in France & Eco-Responsible. They have a unique formula to the red alga, which protects and respects the nail. The outfit is excellent. Finally, the range of colors proposed is very wide. These green varnishes seduce women in search of natural and made in France.

Clever beauty varnishes: The challenger to the smart pack

Behind Clever Beauty, a young entrepreneur, Mr. Following studies of laboratory technician in cosmetics and management of cosmetic companies, she develops a special passion for natural products. Clever Beauty was born in the south of France, in Aix-en-Provence: After two years of reflection and encounters, she decides to launch healthier and more environmentally friendly nail polishes.

Innovation? Smart Packaging! But again, will you say? Annoyed to find that there is still unreachable product in the bottom of the bottle, Clever Beauty patented its Click & Finish technology. with a click on the CAP, the brush lengthens to reach the bottom of the vial. We get up to 35% more product.Isn't that great?

The formulas are the most purified possible with natural ingredients of a high quality. They are selected with care and attention. The galenic of the green Clever beauty varnishes is designed to apply easily but also to have an opaque and smooth finish as for a classic varnish. The colors are numerous with two ranges: timeless and trendy.

Changing our habits

The Green nail polish is a less polluting nail polish and less toxic to us, that's how I perceive. It seduces me because it is healthier for the environment and for my health, it is an ecological and natural alternative that is imposed on us. To do that, you have to seize this opportunity. Don't you think so?

What do you think of natural nail polish? Is it a natural makeup product that tempts you? Have you ever tested?

Cécile from the Blog Lizzie's confidences

[photo : Rodolfo Marques]


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