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Organic castor oil takes care of your lips

Organic castor oil takes care of your lips

The ingredient n ° 1 of lipsticks ALL TIGERS ? Organic castor oil. This ingredient has not been chosen at random, so its presence in your lipstick brings many benefits. Overview with Cécile of the blog the confidences of Lizzie.

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The lips are one of the most sensitive areas of the face, due to the finesse of the epidermis at this place. External aggressions and bad habits can chapping the lips and damage them. To avoid this and keep a nice pulpy mouth, it is important to take care of it. It is necessary to moisturize and nourish the lips daily to avoid dry skins, chapping and other inconveniences... And that's where castor oil comes in!

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How to take care of your lips every day? is castor oil The natural solution for a pretty mouth?

What is castor oil? 

Let's start at the base! Castor oil is a natural 100% non-food vegetable oil. It is also called "castor oil" or "castor oil", which does not fail to create misunderstandings, fortunately the adorable little mammal has no implication in the creation of this oil.

Castor oil is actually obtained from the seeds of Castor, a tropical shrub. The seeds are mainly produced in India and China. It usually has no color, sometimes slightly yellowish. Castor oil has a viscous and thick texture. It consists of many fatty acids (including ricinoleic acid) and Omega 9. The ' castor oil ' is rich in minerals, protein and vitamin E. You already understand why, thanks to its composition, castor oil is ideal for the hydration of the lips. To choose a quality castor oil, which retains all its properties, it is recommended to opt for an extra virgin oil obtained by cold pressure and of biological origin.

The benefits of castor oil, in detail

Castor Oil and skin

Castor oil is a natural vegetable oil used in cosmetics for its many strengths. It is perfect to find a silky and delicate skin, even for acne skins. After several applications, the skin is supple and pleasant to the touch. Castor oil is highly appreciated by mature skins because it limits the appearance of wrinkles. It penetrates easily into the epidermis and preserves external aggressions.

Castor oil and hair 

Castor oil has amazing hair virtues: it is known for promote the natural growth of the hair. It is advisable to Proceed to Baths of castor oil Twice a month for Encourage hair growth and make it more vigorous. Do you want eyebrows or eyelashes that are more provided and stronger? It's a great grandmother's remedy : Massage Your eyebrows 1 minute a day with castor oil, you'll soon see the difference!

More generally, castor oil makes it possible to reinvigorate the most damaged hair and restore volume. In fact, you just need to add a few drops to your shampoo and let the mixture rest for several minutes. To have a hair worthy of Rapunzel, you will have to repeat the operation for a few weeks. 

Castor oil to nourish the lips 

What about the lips? Castor oil is an excellent healing treatment for the lips. It is not by chance that we find castor oil in the lipsticks green ALL TIGERS: The castor oil is softening, antifungal, healing, nourishing and photo-protective... Yes, nothing that you'll tell me! So, using castor oil, your lips are silky with wishes, hydrated and firmer.

Castor oil to remove the makeup of the lips 

That's not all, castor oil is great for a deep demakeup. Of course, we will avoid any contact with the eyes and it is advisable to refine the makeup with organic floral water so as not to keep the lipid film left by the vegetable oil.

You have understood why you should always have a bottle of 100% natural and organic castor oil at home!

The natural lipstick with castor oil: a lipstick 2-in-1 color and care!

As we have seen, castor oil is commonly used for its moisturizing and nourishing benefits. And precisely, the first Lipstick Ingredient Green ALL TIGERS is castor oil! As a result, this Lipstick made of castor oil is a makeup product... But also a care. This is all the magic of all TIGERS ' green lipsticks: long-lasting color and comfort.

The natural and vegan formula protects, moisturizes and treats your lips daily thanks to its composition. The lipstick with castor oil ALL TIGERS combines brightness, dullness, high pigmentation, lip care... and beautiful ethical and environmental values. And thanks to the oils, it's finally a dull lipstick that does not dry the lips! At the top, right?

How to take care of chapped lips with castor oil? 

To go further, you can use castor oil to radically treat chapped lips. Here are some helpful tips.

If your lips are weakened or dehydrated, the hydro-lipid film that protects them decreases. As a result, the drying is worsening, and you notice the appearance of chapping or cracks. These small defects as unsightly as painful can be avoided. Castor oil is perfect for giving back pep, hydration and softness to your lips. 

In the first step, to treat the lips effectively and durably, I advise you to perform scrubs at least once a week to free the skin from dead skins. In this way, the fat body will penetrate more easily and be more efficient. This precaution is particularly useful in the autumn and winter.

A balm-care based on castor oil is then recommended for a healthy and comfortable mouth, day after day. For this you can achieve your natural care yourself. Easy to do, these nourishing treatments are fabulous complements to the healing balm you use every day. Just mix a little organic castor oil, a few drops of fresh lemon juice and glycerine. Then apply this mixture a few minutes after your lip scrub. You will immediately see a difference.

Did you know the benefits of castor oil? What are your tips for fighting chapped lips? 

Cécile from the Blog Lizzie's confidences 

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