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Wrinkles Around the Lips? The best Tips to Keep Your Lips Looking Young

Wrinkles Around the Lips? The best Tips to Keep Your Lips Looking Young

A guest of renown today: when you meet Cecile for the first time, her communicative energy and her determination make a strong impression—a real tiger! Her blog Les Confidences de Lizzie is nourished by her natural curiosity and her desire to share beauty favorites and advice on a daily basis. She will regularly share her beauty and natural makeup tips with the whole community via the ALL TIGERS blog. Tested and approved, Cécile's advice will help your confidence soar! 

Hello Tigers! Delighted to meet you for my first time on the ALL TIGERS blog—it's a brand I truly love! Let's start today with a subject that is near and dear to me, because it directly affects our level of confidence.  You know what I'm talking about: wrinkles around the lips

When the subject of lipstick comes up, I immediately think of this incredibly delicate part of our face. These fine lines around our mouth can indeed make us feel insecure or uncomfortable and it changes the way we feel about ourselves. 

For some of us, it can start very young. We women are told that they reflect our happiness, that they bear witness to a life rich in smiles... but it's not a pleasure to see them in the mirror! Here are a few practical, easy, and quick tips to preserve the youthfulness of your lips and their shape.

What Do You Need to Know About Lip Wrinkles? 

    Just like the wrinkles on the rest of our face, we have two types of wrinkles: wrinkles of expression and wrinkles of aging. Expression wrinkles are linked to repeated contractions of the facial muscles, while aging wrinkles are a result of sagging skin. Collagen and elastin deteriorate and from that, lines and wrinkles around the lips appear.


    Reduce wrinkles around the lips-ALL TIGERS

    6 Habits to Maintain Youthful Lips

    Opt for Targeted Anti-Aging Care 

      Most often, a good facial routine begins with a moisturizing and anti-aging care duo suitable for your skin type and your problem. The duo consists of an anti-aging serum and a cream. In a natural and vegan version, of course! Several brands offer very nice formulas, you have lots of choice. Your beauty routine is a gesture that becomes automatic in order to nourish and soften the skin. Anti-aging serums can be mixed with cream or applied just after your anti-aging care.

      Don't forget to apply these creams to the fragile area around your lips like it's often done with the eyes. Massage the lines around your mouth by lightly tapping on them with soft, circular movements. Nobody puts Baby in the corner—and nobody should put lip wrinkles on the back burner! As you can see, routine moisturizing is a must, and of course on perfectly cleansed and clean skin.

      Lip Scrub, a Must For Youthful Lips!

        In addition to your well-installed routine, a weekly deep exfoliation of your lips and around the mouth in both summer and winter is highly suggested. It's a habit to adopt!

        Exfoliating this sensitive area of the face is essential to make it supple, healthy, and rejuvenated. Indeed, the cells of the epidermis renew themselves naturally on a regular basis. However, over the years, the cells are less active, dead cells accumulate, and the skin thickens. Fine lines become wrinkles and deepen, becoming furrows. In order to avoid this degradation and to allow the skin to replenish, the epidermis regularly needs nudges like a scrub. It reactivates the microcirculation of the skin's blood, and regenerates new cells. Exfoliating your delicate mouth and around your lips softens imperfections and smooths out your skin's texture. This makes it firmer and softer. Also, your lips will glow. Test and you will see: it actually naturally "plumps" the lips, too! :D

        Foundation: Pick an Anti-Aging Smoothing Primer For Around Your Lips

          Few women think about it, but there are a multitude of makeup primers available. It must be said that in recent years they have flooded the market. They go on just before your foundation or BB cream. An anti-aging smoothing primer gently camouflages these nasty fine lines. However, remember that the primer should be applied to the entire face. You're free to focus a bit more around your mouth!

          Smoothing Foundation and Powder to Alleviate Lip Wrinkles

            Once again, we find solutions to reduce furrows and other fine lines. As a result, choosing your foundation or your BB cream is very important. You can easily find skin makeup products with smoothing or lifting effects. We insist on focusing more on the fine lines around your lips during application!

            Finally, it's a good idea to not skimp on power. Otherwise the rest has just gone to waste. Apply a light powder around your mouth, making sure to avoid heavy application. This will help your foundation sit.

            Lipstick Choice Greatly Influences Wrinkles Around the Mouth

              Finally, we get to the lip makeup! If you want to have a pretty well-drawn mouth, you won't make any mistake with the color and texture of ALL TIGERS lipstick.

              -In terms of texture: When you're applying your lipstick, do not hesitate to smooth it out with your finger and then blot your lips with a tissue. By removing the extra product, you prevent the lipstick from bleeding into the find lines around your mouth. You can also use a lip liner to outline your lip shape for an even better hold.

              -In terms of color: I find that bright shades tend to harden facial features. So if you want to highlight your lips with a nice color, opt for something discreet and satin. You will find your heart's delight with the ALL TIGERS range, such as the gorgeous PEACH 682 Lipstick, or the ROSEWOOD 683 Lipstick. But don't limit yourself: every color, even the brightest, can be paired with any number of situations! But this advice reigns: with a range of vegan and natural lipstick, we're ready to test everything. They give my lips volume and voluptuousness...what more could you ask for?

              2 Exercises to do in the Mirror to Reduce Lip Wrinkles

                And now let's work out a bit! Here are two little-known exercises to do at home in front of the mirror in order to beautify your smile. To do this, stand right in front of your mirror and inhale deeply. For an effective anti-wrinkle lip, you need to perform these exercises twice a week for a month, then keep it up at least once a week to maintain your smile.

                The first exercise is called vowel laughter. This will make the corners of your lips more firm. For this, to articulate a series of vowels (A, E, I, O, U, Y) as you laugh at the same time. For a convincing result, perform this exercise 4 times in a row.

                The next is a natural anti-wrinkle lip exercise that has proven effective in toning the lips. Make duck lips (yes, we know) for 3 minutes straight. Suck in your cheeks and pull out a pout. Hold for a few seconds. Then release and repeat. 

                Have you seen fine lines forming around your lips? I hope these tips will allow you to see that it's not a fatality. Whether you are 20, 30, 40, 50 years or older, don't forget about this sensitive area. Cleansing, exfoliatinf and hydrating are key.

                And my last tip: don't focus too much on your lip shape. We groan about them, we do what we can to get rid of them, but really, these fine lines around your mouth are beautiful, for they reflect your personality, all those moments when you expressed yourself, when you smiled, burst out in laughter, sung out loud. That's you, that's all. You are beautiful! Just take care of yourself—and hear us roar! #WeAreALLTIGERS

                Cécile, from the blog Les Confidences de Lizzie, for ALL TIGERS


                [photo Gabriel Matula]


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