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Is my nail polish toxic?

Is my nail polish toxic?

As an enlightened consumer, you may not be unaware that, of all cosmetic products, nail polish is probably one of those whose composition raises the most questions... Overview of the subject.

As too often when it comes to products for women, the subject of the dangerousness of the products is quickly swept away from a reverse of the hand, "OK it is dangerous but it is only superfluous, ' they ' have only to do without"... There you go. It's handy, right? Actually, it makes you want to get the claws out! 

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Varnish: A controversial recipe

So, first question: What exactly are we putting on our claws? Intense color, tenacious gloss, resistant to several days, the nail polish is a pretty fascinating cosmetic. He is expected to be as powerful as an industrial painting, with which he sadly shares many commonalities (a good part of his formlation, in fact!).

What is a varnish made of?

  • Resins, responsible for the gloss and adhesion of the varnish
  • plasticizers, which will form this material both hard and flexible.
  • solvents, for application and drying
  • forming agent that allows you to freeze the texture as soon as you pose
  • pigments and mother-of- pearls, natural and synthetic, which determine the color

Some of these ingredients, commonly used in varnishes, have been the subject of controversy. Formaldehyde? classified as carcinogenic. Formaldehyde resin and toluene? Irritants for the skin, the eyes, the respiratory system... BPD? Suspected of endocrine disrupting. Xylene? Nerve. Camphor? Thank you for the nausea and headaches. We're not going to go through them all, but you understand the principle. Some are banned in Europe, others are still used regularly by industrial brands.

In November 2017, the National Agency for sanitary safety (Anses) in France fired the alarm bells for the employees of the nail salons: "The analysis of the available data allowed to identify about 700 substances present in the composition of the products used or in the working atmospheres. 60 of these 700 substances were considered to be of high concern by their highest hazard class ". This observation applies to semi-permanent varnishes used by the pros, OK. MRAIS we are still in products very close to those sold in the trade. Since then, what has changed in the formulations? Nothing, but the employees of the ongleries wear masks. Reassuring...

The brands are not lacking in cynicism moreover, they know very well give us a priori harmless advice but which, basically, aim to limit the dangerousness of the product. So we adapt, and you have certainly read these tips on the web. Varnishes are applied to the outside or open door to avoid breathing potentially toxic fumes. It is avoided to pass over the fingers to limit the diffusion of the products in the organism, and one does not keep a varnish more than a week in a row, because beyond the function of the nail barrier weakens and the varnish diffuses in the body. And we try the natural solvents, sweeter for our health. And above all we do not gnaw on nail varnish!

These good reflexes still have a little look of "it's better than nothing..." ». Fro. How about we go further?

Nail polish without toxic ingredients: 3-free, 4-free, 5-free, 9-free... How to choose?

In view of our expectations (gloss, outfit, homogeneity of color...) The 100% natural is not playable, and there is no organically labelled alternative (in any case, not technically at the level). The approach of natural brands was therefore common sense: and if we removed the most harmful components of nail polish.

This is how a new landmark has been created, with the denomination 3-free, 4-free, 5-free... For example, "3-free" means "without 3", indicating in this way that nail polish is rid of the 3 most controversial substances: toluene, DBT and formaldehyde. Thus, a nail polish "8 free" will be without toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBT), formaldehyde, camphor, xylene, formaldehyde resin, paraben, nor traces of rosin. The 7-free, 8-free and beyond guarantee maximum safety, as well as a good dose of natural ingredients good for the nail.

Driven by innovation, natural varnishes have succeeded in replicating the good sides of industrial varnishes: covering, drying, texture, holding, colour choices... and without the toxic components.


Nail Polish: Should I coordinate with lipstick... or not?

Careful, there is a trap in this question! We're going to talk about colors... and Values!

Color side: First we tackle a question a priori more superficial, should we coordinate, i.e. apply on the nails a color identical to the lipstick you wear, or not? There is no absolute rule in this matter, but some always useful advice:

  • during the day, it is better to play on contrasts with opposite shades: the more discreet the tint chosen for the lips, the more you can dare the color on the nails. On the other hand, a mouth with a very intense hue needs to go smoothly for the nails. The exception: Red red that perfectly supports lip-nail coordination.
  • in the evening, or for an event, we allow the total look, all in beige, coral, Bordeaux, in short, everything is possible: to you to express your personality according to your tastes! In this case, you can pick up an item from your outfit, the color of your pocket for example, or find a complementary color to your dress.

Value side: Where you have to be coordinated absolutely, it's about philosophy. If you have adopted your ALL TIGERS lipstick, green as well as stylish, we can only advise a green varnish, preferably 7-free, 8-free, or even beyond.

Go for a ride in the ranges of our friends of Kure Bazaar, Manucurist Green, Colorii or ClevER: a choice of completely insane shades, a sublime color result, and a formula thought to be the best compromise between naturality and performance. And now, Tigers, get the claws out!

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