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#Pantoneoftheyear : your lips influenced?

#Pantoneoftheyear : your lips influenced?

As every year, Pantone, the world famous company for its color charts, has designated its star color for the year 2019. It will be (drum roll!) ... the "Living Coral"! Decoding.

Each year, Pantone, an absolute expert in color, chooses a color that makes its way and will particularly mark the year to come. And beyond the color, there are also evocations, values, great facts of society that underlie the choice. With coral, the choice seems obvious as we see it everywhere. This gentle tone, serene and reassuring is also presented as a return to naturalness (for info, the green was the color 2017), and recalls our compelling need for refuge tones, sparkling and warm in these troubled times ... 

Coral as color of the year 2019, valid?

So first, yes, we like that color. We have not waited for Pantone to proclaim her the queen of colors: our Insta community - always ahead of a trend, the Tigers - loves this color: the ALL TIGERS 785 Orange Coral liquid lipstick "Hear me roar" is the 2019 Living Coral twin from Pantone, green, vegan and stylish version. A roar that is sensual, tender and festive. A must !

So, why do we groan?

We groan, we hesitate, we grumble, it's true. First, because we are snobbish. That's it, it's said. The Pantone prediction is followed every year by interior designers, fashion designers, and of course the world of beauty: it gives a trend and inspires creators. Already very present, the coral will prevail with even more force. And we will find it in all the decorative catalogs, on the hangers of ready-to-wear signs and, of course, in all the makeup pallets ... Nothing like to keep us a little at a distance.

A trend guru always has to lift his wet finger in the wind and proclaim "the spring-summer season will be greige" ... and it does not take more than three months to be sipping a tea sencha in a cup of this amazing gray-beige while thinking "it would not be bad as a color for a sofa ...". Aargh, we got fooled again. And before, there was also the green anise, the yellow mustard, the intense violet, the camel ... Stop the list? 

So, we hesitate. Do we really want to be under the influence, how to affirm its singularity when its fetish color is everywhere? Wise interrogation. To choose its color in all freedom, it is necessary to free oneself from the modes ...? "Resist!", We know the song. 

We love it anyway!

So, we move to the rational. Before succumbing, this fashionable color, we love it why? Because she is fashionable?

We must face the facts: on the lips, coral orange still has some strengths. Coral orange is one of the rare colors of lipstick that immediately looks good. In all seasons, it brightens the face, warms the hues, harmonizes with red or brown hair, and highlights the dark skin. So much less classic than red or pink. It is the color 'glow' by essence: under a gray sky, it gives peps, and the first rays of sun, it gives fishing. That's why we love it! 

So never mind if you're a fashion victim: coral orange lipstick may be the color of the year, but it's practically a new classic ... And if you're told natural lipstick , it's even better. And it will be all the easier to adopt it you will find it everywhere in our wardrobe and in our interiors in 2019 ;-)

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