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Matte Liquid lipstick, Mac & Mag... But with a natural formula!

Matte Liquid lipstick, Mac & Mag... But with a natural formula!

To spot the trends, you are rather screen or glossy paper? The result is not very different, in fact! If you scroll on the screen of your MAC the Insta accounts that are trending lately, or if you flip through the pages of the magazines recently, the observation is always the same: the lipsticks have taken power and no longer let go . Opinions seem unanimous? A few shades near...

We constantly announce the great return of the satin, or the comeback of the glossy, and yet no Micmac, the machine is not jammed: the matte lipstick holds the bar. Yet the mat is not for everyone. And in this real Visual dictatorship on your Mac as in your mags, it still lacked A true alternative green. Explanations.

ALL TIGERS rouge a levres mac mat mag naturel vegan

How did matte lipstick become so trendy?

Long in the shadow of the satin, easier to wear, the mat was softly imposed by its obvious Photogenie. Made first indispensable by the brands of makeup artists like MAC and so many others, the mat took by surprise the absolute empire of the image: Instagram! He thus imposed himself withthe influencers, by his ability to underline the curve of the mouths of the greatest, the Queens of the Jungle, Kim, Kylie, Rihanna and others... Their followers have logically followed.

If the matte red has taken the controls, it is that it has several advantages. And on this point, all opinions converge! The Velvet-effect mouth is the absolute sophistication, elegant, mysterious. It's also A stronger color renderingMore concentrated, imposing on the tarmac. Beyond the visual result, we like Brush Application Liquid lipsticks, so sensual, and the outfit is excellent.

The hardcore Matt Red is not without reproach 

It's sure he's got under the engine, Matt lipstick. But this trend also its detractors. It's that matte lipstick has 3 great disadvantages, fake makeup-not to be mastered absolutely.

-The matte lipsticks are usually ultra-chemical: It is a formula in general saturated with oils from petro-chemistry, silicones with a strong fixation power, but good neither for you nor for the environment in which they accumulate. Okay, the pillows aren't carmine-stained, but hello, synthetic. It is estimated that a woman ingests up to 2kg of lipstick: we think twice before putting anything on the lips. And we don't even talk to you Cosmetic ingredients of animal origin... 

-Matte lipsticks Dry lips: It must be said that The silicones of the red mats have no moisturizing power. On slightly dry lips, matte red can make things a lot worse: Feeling of discomfort, Dried lips, or even chapped at the end of the day... And if you have lips that are slightly marked with wrinkles or fine lines, this dry finish will make things worse.

-Matte lipsticks underline blemishes, lips too thin or irregular complexion: The mat finish also has a tendency to visually refine the lips and to shed light on the defects of the complexion. As much as the shiny textures capture the light and give the impression of more pulverous lips, the mat hardocre can harden the strokes. And beware, it is better to have made a perfect complexion: the small defects of the complexion are unfortunately highlighted by a well matte mouth.

So do we have to live with these flaws as inevitable? Is that the price to pay? No way! ALL TIGERS is here;-) 

' Easy-mat ' lipstick by ALL TIGERS: The New Generation Mat

"And the price of Best Matt Lipstick is assigned to... ". Ok, we will (try to) remain modest...

It must be said that ALL TIGERS was co-created by a women's community on Instagram, and clearly they had all the strengths but also all the flaws of the matte reds in mind and a very clear desire to cut. A top formula, OK, but in green and vegan version please! Natural lipstick, the opinions are unanimous: this is the real trend. 

Organic Ingredients (Minimum 30%) and Natural (up to 100%), zero ingredients of animal origin, very long outfit, comfort... But not forgetting the result makeup: A beautiful result Matt, but not hardcore, mat but light, without weighing the color.

Just balance between dullness and reflection, the ' easy-mat ' finish by all TIGERS reconciles the mat with all those who keep away fromit. Lovers of a casual complexion destress: Its discreet reflections avoid drawing attention to the irregularities of the complexion. It gives relief to thin lips, especially on the most vivid shades. Its formula saturated with vegetable oils, vegan and up to 100% natural, nourishes the lips throughout the day. An excellent outfit completes the picture. Everything to please, in short.

The pleasure of liquid lipstick

Green and vegan, admittedly, yet the ritual is unchanged. There is in this gesture liquid lipstick a sensuality that defashions the classic stick. Grasp the vial. Rotate the cuff between the fingers. Extract the applicator. Observe, on the mouthpiece, the creamy, dense, shiny texture. Slide the material over the upper lip, then lower, with expert faces in the mirror. Press the lips against each other. Grab a paper handkerchief, princer it between his lips to secure it. Admire the well-covering hue, the matte result without excess. Give yourself a little smack in the mirror. CALL ME QUEEN! 

Here, the Mac screen continues to project its bluish light on the magazine stack. The obsession gets worse: on the covers, We only notice the lips... It is time to go for a hammock break under the trees, we will go to conquer the jungle later.

Whether you are #TeamMac or #TeamMag, the queen of the Jungle is you. You want to take over ALL TIGERS? One solution: Subscribe now to our page Instagram And make your voice heard.  We consult our community at every key milestone of the brand. Ready to roar? ROAAARRRR! 

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