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Dark lips: 4 tips to dare wear it!

Dark lips: 4 tips to dare wear it!

Dark lipsticks, burgundy, brown or purple: #DarkLips, is it for me or not?

Already heard about the trend "Dark Lips"? On the catwalks as in the street, the mouths dare all audacity for some time. These last seasons, in all the parades, from Paco Rabanne to Prada, from Vivienne Westwood to Puma, the blue, the black, the brown parent lips of their dark extravagance. That's the dark lips trend. ultra-dark hues like black cherries, wine lees or black ...

On the ALL TIGERS instagram page, the dark colors have been popular with the community, proof that these colors are no longer reserved for the whims of an Haute Couture fashion show. Question of the day: how to wear dark, burgundy, brown or purple lipsticks  ? If you have not made it yet, this article is for you.

Dark lipsticks, natural and vegan version

"Oh, but the woman who loves organic, she must not be very makeup ... or so discreet colors ...". Yeah, my good lady, you think well, we do not be AND bio, AND fashion. Of course, if you go to the green, you gave up washing and you do not get dressed in kraft paper and birch wood flip flops ... Mmmm ... Yes, that's the kind of stereotypes we hear all along. day when you embark on a project like ALL TIGERS ...

ALL TIGERS dark shades

When we think of a lipstick bio or natural, apparently, we should be content with very classic shades, matte shades, between beige and rosewood, at least a red, but in any case nothing unusual ... Yes but here: the conventions, the clichés, at ALL TIGERS, we like to make a mouthful! We, the natural, we also love him when he becomes wild, when he breaks the codes and frees himself from the evidences. Not you ?

For us, the dark lipstick must also assert itself in natural and vegan version. We too, we want the lips of Kylie, Huda, Rihanna ... So if you too, you want to test this trend "dark lips", even adopt these complex shades of darkness everyday, here are some tips to wear a nice complex burgundy red , a brownish red or an intense violet . And besides, with ALL TIGERS, it is in natural and vegan version. It's the dark green version. So, go Tigers!

4 tips for wearing dark lipstick

Ready to operate the rocker? If you are not generally fond of dark shades, here are some useful rules before attempting the "dark lips" experience.

Rule # 1 of dark lipstick: tests rather in autumn or winter

Not a big regular Bordeaux or purple? It will be much easier to follow the seasonal tones. Unsurprisingly, the dark shades of lipstick return every year in force from the beginning of autumn to the heart of winter, because they blend more naturally with our choice of outfit as with our environment.

Rule # 2 dark lipstick: we test rather for a party

Dark lipsticks are easy to wear during the day. But in the test phase, acclimatization (for oneself and for those around you!) Will undoubtedly be less abrupt during a dinner or an evening. The time of an exceptional event, this new look will be easier to impose. Cheaper and more effective than a nice bag or super shoes to get an ultra-fashionable look!

Rule # 3 dark lipstick: we do not load the rest of the makeup

Ideal to give character to the face, the dark lipstick does not need anyone in Harley Davidson ... To avoid the Cruella effect, we prefer the light play for the rest of the make-up of the complexion and the eyes. Be minimalist. In a pinch, a little foundation (preferably mat) or powder, a touch of mascara, and voila!

Rule # 4 Dark Lipstick: Be the Queen of Illusion

Dark lipsticks have a small tendency to refine the lips. On relatively thin lips, two tips are available to you. The first: the use of a pencil, we gently insists on the contours of the lips to "thicken" visually. The second: the famous stroke of the brush! After applying the red of your choice, we load a brush of the same lipstick and we smoothly go back by insisting on the outer edges of your lips. Magic, the lips appear more plumper. Tadaaam!

How to choose the best dark lipstick?

Now that you are ready to succumb to the "Dark Lips" trend, you still have to choose the color of lipstick that will suit you best.

Because the basic question is not whether we have fair skin, matte or dark. The important thing is to determine the sub-tone of skin, that is to say if the carnation is rather warm, cold or neutral. There is different method to determine the sub-tone. For example, if you think of your favorite jewelry, which precious metal is best for you? If it's gold, chances are you have a warm skin tone. If it's money, do not go cold. Are you all right? No doubt a neutral skin tone. 

  • The hot complexions will instead opt for fall-tone lipsticks, which draw on brown or orange. In the ALL TIGERS range, you will find the RED BRUN 889 Lipstick : this red mixed with a touch of brown will give your mouth a fiercely rocky look.
  • Cold carnation? Your comfort zone is the rosé or light bluish ... So if we push to the "dark lips", the best choice for you, it could be the Lipstick VIOLET 980 , a slightly gray purple for a wild look, always in the rock mood. Note that on a black skin, the purple is not so rock: it is rather a tone effect on your subtle and sophisticated, it is the "nude" perfect for a dark skin.
  • Neutral Carnation? You are not limited to certain colors, you can dare purple or red-brown, but you can also try the red lipstick 887 RED : it has all the classic red, but the slider of glamor is pushed to the maximum. Powerful and sophisticated.

The conclusion ALL TIGERS? Lipstick is always an opportunity to constantly reinvent oneself, to reveal new facets of one's personality. Even for the regulars of the nude hues, you have to know how to allow yourself without complex a nice burgundy lipstick , a brown red lipstick , or deep purple lips . In terms of style, only one thing to do: ASSUMER!

Whether you are a dark team or a light team, the queen of the jungle is YOU. You want to take power on ALL TIGERS? One solution: subscribe now to our Instagram page and make your voice heard. We consult our community at every key step of the brand. Ready to roar? ROAAARRRR!


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