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All the tips to remove a lipstick stain from fabric

And if we were talking about a practical topic: remove a stain of lipstick from a garment, a piece of furniture or a couch! Our guest blogger Cécile shares 6 ways to effectively eliminate traces of lipstick.

Hello, TIGERS! Lipstick is an indispensable makeup as we like: it is vibrant, glamorous, elegant or natural and soft. But one thing is for sure, Once the lipstick is elsewhere than on our delicate lips, on a couch, on a dress or a shirt, Hello the damage! It can become a nasty inlaid, very stubborn task on a textile surface for example. You know How to remove makeup a long red outfit, but do you know how to remove a lipstick stain? Go!

How do I remove the lipstick from a fabric or couch?

3 errors that should not be done to remove a stain of lipstick

Let's start with three essential tips for effective tips. There are indeed common mistakes that must be avoided if you want to succeed in removing the traces of lipstick.

  • Wait Error! If you wait, the stain will become incrusted. We must act immediately, and and directly on the task.
  • Put the fabric directly to the machine Risky! This will not necessarily be effective, and even when the situation seems hopeless, we must respect the conditions of washing the fabric according to its composition.
  • Use cold water: Ineffective! With lukewarm water, you get much better results.

The best ways to remove a lipstick stain

And now, what are my tips for eliminating the lipstick from a garment and/or couch? I gathered 6 simple methods that can really help you.

All TIGERS remove traces of lipstick on furniture or clothing

Make a smudge of lipstick disappear with a makeup remover

Why didn't you think of it sooner? The first reflex is to use a makeup remover. Problem: Cannot use a grease remover, type oil, at the risk of aggravating the stain. With a micellar water or better, a cleansing milk, I pat the lipstick stain and then I let it act 10 to 20 minutes. Then I proceed to rinse. Finally, in the case of a garment or textile that can go into a machine, I put my garment to wash. Attention, not one or two hours later: it's now! We're putting the machine on the road now. This practical trick obviously does not apply with a fabric that does not go into a machine.

Clean the task of a lipstick with butter

If the trace is fresh for a few minutes, and if the surface lends itself, you can have a few fatty bodies, for example butter, and a spoon. With the back of it, you have to rub the fat body on the lipstick by letting it act for a few seconds. Then it is possible to insist on the fabric with a little liquid detergent.

If your fabric is a cloth, immediately put it in the washing machine but if it is a sofa, chair or non-removable chair, it is necessary to rinse with warm and clear water. If you find that the task is tenacious, opt for another solution.

Remove the trace of lipstick with dishwashing liquid

Dishwashing liquid is a mild detergent that dissolves tasks quite easily. Just let the dishwashing liquid Act several minutes after rubbing and then slipping the laundry into a machine or rinsing it with lukewarm, clear water. Magic, your fabric is like new:D

Remove lipstick from a couch with toothpaste

Amazing, isn't it? Start by scratching the lipstick with a knife edge or spoon. then, have a cloth on which you deposit toothpaste. Finally, Débarbouillez energetically the task. Once you're done, it's best to moisten the task. If you see that it is resisting, proceed again for several days. 

Descale of lipstick with white vinegar

You must have white vinegar in your closet. It is magical and multifunctional. In addition, it is super accessible and is almost everywhere. to find your own fabric, soak the stain with a warm water/white vinegar mixture. As always, it is time to roll up the sleeves to rub vigorously the task. Miracle, the task disappeared after a machine pass or a light rinse with clear water.

Use ether to dissolve a makeup stain

Not necessarily green, but ultra-efficient: It is well known, the ether works beautifully to suppress the tasks of lipstick. For this, it is advisable to soak an ether fabric and then gently dab it on the task before placing your laundry on the washing machine. For better efficiency, you can let it work one to two minutes.

These 6 tips for removing lipstick from a fabric are to be tested to find the one that best suits, depending on what you have on hand and the type of textile or support on which the trace has deposited. It's kind of like a lipstick, you have to test to approve!

Did you already know these practical and easy ideas? Do you have any other tricks to remove the nasty traces of lipstick on a fabric? #WeAreALLTIGERS

Cécile, from the blog Lizzie's confidences.

[Photo : Tim Marshall]


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