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ALL TIGERS tendances maquillage 2019

All trends makeup complexion, eyes and lips for 2019

Okay, we don't get influenced by the latest trends, but we like to be. Makeup of the complexion, eyes and lips: with Cécile from the blog Lizzie's confidences, deciphering the makeup trends of the coming year.

Hello, TIGERS! 2019 pointed at the tip of his nose and the novelties that go with it. in fact, like every school year, we see new fashion trends or make-up. Even taking a step back, and sorting, without falling into the syndrome of fashion victim, it must be recognized that on some points, it makes you want. more natural, cooler, bolder too, here's my vision of the time Air version 2019.

Makeup of the complexion, eyes, lips: What is profiled in 2019

What are the makeup trends that I see drawing in 2019? I'm decrypting every "family" of products.


Complexion Makeup trend: a vibrant but natural complexion

The perfect complexion and super covering, Photoshop way? It's over. In this season, you can feel the freshness and the natural at the top of the race. the complexion is intended to be bright, fresh and slightly tan, rosy and glowy for a "good mine" effect. To do this, the covering foundation is zapped to apply tinted creams, foundation or BB and CC creams neglected in winter. However, we complete the whole with coral blush or rosé, not forgetting to drop a light bronzer to enhance the complexion with class and discretion. So we let the natural take over, we do not make a mountain to let see the small defects of the complexion. A makeup of the minimalist complexion, it will delight the most pressed of us.

Focus on the look: a rather daring eye makeup

Back to Audacity! I feel that the eyes will be adorned with a pretty graphic makeup. The line of liner will be thicker, denser or even more wild and singular. we dare to make colorful and vivid makeup with bright and frank hues. The sour colors make a sensational entrance. You can find coral, peach and plum. We're going to shine a thousand lights. In 2019, the Glitters invite you to the party! The powder textures are a little abandoned, they are preferred galenic fluid and elastic which make body with the skin for a homogeneous and perfectly smooth rendering. These makeup trends promise change! Are you ready for the TIGERS?

Beauty of eyebrows: less worked and lighter

How about we stop putting pressure on our eyebrows? There was a time when the eyebrows were perfectly plotted. I am announcing that this is indeed over. As for the complexion, the natural comes back at a gallop. the eyebrows are drawn, OK, but subtle, without excess. We accept them a little more as they are. We comb them, we trace them but we stop there. That's the Jungle Queen spirit, right? We leave a little our true nature take over, hey Hey! It's time to assume his eyebrows, it's not cool?

Lip makeup: A satin and velvet mouth

lips are pampered with smooth, creamy textures. All right, the gloss gets a place, and yet the semi-mat explodes. It has everything to please: it is between dullness, voluptuousness and modernity. Lipsticks plump lips and give them volume. I say to you: the mouth is a work of art in this spring 2019! Lipstick is a mission to awaken the complexion, left more natural. It gives a real importance to the mouth and that, I love! In green and vegan version, it's even better: the mouth will be colorful, we find the tones coral, fushia, plum and red. you will have understood the lipsticks all TIGERS with their finish "easy-mat", and their bias of frank and intense colors will be perfect to illuminate your make-up and be stacked in the trend!

What do you think about these 2019 makeup trends? Are you a signatory? 

Beyond all these trends, there is one, much deeper, than I have quoted: Natural and vegan makeup. There, we are no longer in the small fashion that lasts the time of a season, and you know how much my favourites of ALL TIGERS are at the forefront of the movement! These are new desires, new aspirations that affect all of us. But I'll talk about it next time;-)

Cécile from the Blog Lizzie's confidences


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