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ALL TIGERS rouge à lèvres naturel vegan - Caroline Gimenez J'aime J'aime

"A popular belief? Think that women are rivals to each other! "-Caroline Gee, co-founder of J'aime J'aime

With Caroline, everything always goes very fast! Her overflowing energy, her high speed flow, her great bursts of laughter, her determination, her confident judgement: we find a little of all ofit  in J'aime J'aime, the subscription-based jewelry rental service she created with her friend Colomba.

We talked about gender equity, noisy dinners between girlfriends and lipstick of course! Fasten your seat-belts, this discussion starts with a whirlwind!                       

Tell us more, we want to know everything about you!

I'm Caroline, a fan of ALL Tigers from the beginning, mom of 3 baby tigers, entrepreneur and lover of jewelry.

Laura Gee I Love

After a very typical path, a business school followed by 10 years of marketing in a large group, I felt the Tiger of entrepreneurial adventure roar in me 3 years ago! [Laughs] I wanted a project that looks like me, which allows me to surpass myself, in an area that I adore: jewelry.

With my friend Colomba, we created J'aime J'aime, a tailored service of jewelry. We offer women the freedom to rent and wear all the designer jewelry they want! 

I am a true Tiger in the soul: I defend tooth and nail anything and anyone that I love, be it my children, my business, my friends.

What's your jungle like?

My hunting Ground: The Parisian jungle, or I like to go and find the jewelry creators of tomorrow!

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Generally speaking, Paris is my playground, I feel good about it. Against all odds, I like to run in the subway: nothing faster to get around Paris! And I love to have lunch at a coffee terrace, or to discover new places.

What's your latest discovery?

Hotel 9 Confidential in the Marais. Great to go and have a drink!

When do you feel like a Queen of the jungle?

I feel like Queen of the Jungle at home already... My children look at me like I'm a celebrity: I sing like a goose and they think I'm the winner of The Voice, I cook particularly badly and they compliment me as if we were in a 5 star restaurant... I am a sweet and loving tiger with my three little monsters!

I'm also a Queen with my bunch of girlfriends. We make dinners once every two weeks, between Queens of the Jungle! Unfortunately for the place chosen, and for the unwary who had planned a quiet dinner, nobody comes out unscathed from a dinner with 10 girls who laugh and yell non stop... Real Tigers, basically!

But I also know how to stick out my claws, especially on things that drive me crazy. For example on the subject of male-female equality. I'm fighting against all popular believes about women.

Which one for example?

A popular belief? Think that women are rivals to each other! They have no interest in doing so! On the opposite, I think that women are generally rather very caring to each other.

With my partner Colomba, we are a female duo that works very well. Our strength comes from the syngergy of our skills but also from our personalities. One is very supportive, when one has doubts, one gives the other a boost and vice versa.

Colomba and Caroline founder of I Love I love-ALL TIGERS

In the world of entrepreneurship, I've met a lot of great people. Whether via female networks -I'm part of an incubator, Willa, and I've met other women who have startups or women in incubators like The Family. We help each other, we give each other tips, we support each other when it is difficult. We are surrounded by caring women!

Is there a woman who seems to be the ultimate Tiger?

I love Loulou from la Falaise, totally eccentric, funny, who dares and undertakes who she is. Also Kate Moss, for her freedom to act, her timelessness, her wild beauty.

ALL TIGERS x i love I love

What makes you so happy you could roar?

Every morning I realize how fortunate I am to be able to do a project that I love, one that makes sense to me. It makes me very proud, even if we are still far from the multinational, eh! Even if I have crazy days, 15 appointments a day, lunch meetings, dinner with friends, children to shower-cuddle-tuck in, that I get back to work before I have to go to bed, I savor every moment.

Well, I admit that I particularly appreciate the moment when I slip into my bed and I can breathe a little... Although, just before I fall sleep, I check Instagram for the 200th time, I am a total addict...

Natural, vegan, cruelty-free: Is that important to you?

That is an interesting question. Before I had children, I confess that wasn't something I really wondered about. Junk food, make up, I wasn't looking at the labels.

Now I'm getting a lot more vigilant. I simply believe that this awareness is quite comprehensive, that environmental issues affect everyone, that we are entering a movement of transparency. It is a journey that has been taking place within me for several years, because I feel more informed and therefore involved.

On my personal life, clearly, I want to give my family what is best, and by best I mean healthy. Diapers, food, clothing. Without being completely obsessed with the issue, I pay attention to the manufacturing conditions. And naturally, when my daughter steals my lipstick, I prefer it to be a vegan and natural product..

So, what does lipstick mean to you?

It's crazy because as soon as I put on lipstick, I feel stronger, more beautiful, more confident. It's the detail that makes the difference!

What is your favorite lipstick color?

The Red lipstick, the real one, very bright!

Well, now you're a powerful Tiger: Choose your mantra.

Speedy Tiger! For my 36 hour days 😉, because I run non stop, frantic for life: I do not want to miss out on anything!

Thank you Caroline! 

Find Caroline and Colomba on J'aime J'aime's Instagram. Giveaway until Friday! A Jungle Queen Adornment is up for grabs on our Instagram page, all the details under the post: a lipstick ALL TIGERS and a free month subscription to J'aime J'aime! 


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