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BEAUTY TOASTER Chantal Soutarson - ALL TIGERS rouge à lèvres naturel vegan

"The ultimate Tiger is the everyday woman" - Chantal Soutarson from the Beauty Toaster podcast

Chantal is a unique blend of calm and fiery, which instantly puts her guests at ease, making them want to break free. No wonder that her intimate conversations with beauty gurus, in the podcast Beauty Toaster that she created early 2018, has been so successful.

In episode 48, it was all TIGERS' turn to be in the spotlight!  All that's left to say is his favorite sentence: "To your headphones, it's time for Beauty Toaster!".

How was your "Beauty Toaster" podcast born?

I have been a journalist in the female print press for about 25 years and it just seems an evident continuity to create my new pursuit: The Beauty Wellness Podcast, Beauty Toaster about 1 year ago.

I go to meet entrepreneurs in the cosmetics and wellness industries. It's very rewarding to hear someone tell their story.

That's what makes me a Tiger: If I believe in something - like a podcast...-, I commit to it fully and try to do it as best as possible. I always go to the end of what I undertake. I'm do not give up on things!

Michelle Soutarson Beauty Toaster

What's your jungle?

My hunting ground: The Internet. It has become my main source of information and it is also my main work tool, since I also manage my blog and my social media. This is where I find new brands, inspiration, that's where I train myself, all by myself! Internet is a gold mine that you just have to learn to take advantage of...

But I find that life in general is a heck of a hunting ground, where it is necessary to constantly be on the lookout, to protect ourselves and those we love, and also to fight... It is an ongoing battle.

When do you feel like a jungle Queen?

When I talk about Beauty Toaster and that I am congratulated, when I am told that my daughter is well behaved, when I did my Sunday run as if it were a walk in the park...!

What about in between Queens interactions? 

I belong to a generation -yes, I know, it makes me sound like an old fart, but I am still 2 x 26 years old 😉 -who does not quite know what the word sorority means, and who has more a tendency to shoot others in the feet than to support them...

I discovered the meaning of the word sorority by attending talks with young women who could have been my daughters and who had this culture of sharing, sharing information, moral support, caring... I found it encouraging and especially promising for the future. It gave me faith in women!

Who is the ultimate Tiger to you?

It is not a movie star or singer, nor any known personality. In my opinion, the ultimate Tiger is the everyday woman, the one who fights despite her mental burdens, despite the weight that society and patriarchy puts on her.

Is that what makes your claws come out?

Inequalities in general. It is a real mental poison, which seeps into the heads of adults, but also in that of children and which is distilled in the society every day... And then there is the ecology question, that I think is a problem to be considered on an individual basis. It is up to us to take initiatives, to take our destiny into our own hands to save ourselves and the whole planet at the same time!

We must stop thinking that others, politicians, laws, businesses, will do it for us, or that "it is other people's problem". That's not how it works, everyone has to do their part.

What makes you so happy you want to roar?

I'm happy to see that for the past several months, some of my wrong believes have been about to be shattered. For example "After 50 years old you can no longer bounce back", or "Nothing will ever change"...

Also I have started to have a real green mentality, I care about animal welfare... The list is so long! Finally, it's not so bad to be getting older! 

Natural, vegan, cruelty-free: Is this important to you?

Yes, more and more. For the podcast, I often interview brand creators who check those 3 boxes. The cruelty-free has been mandatory in Europe for several years, but some believe, for the good of their shareholders, that it stops at our borders and they only think of buying more important market shares like the Chinese market, where animal tests are still a commonality... Exactly what I cannot stand!

Moreover, the beauty industry is very polluting, I am hopeful that the big brands will make a move because they have the money and the power to do so.

Personally, I give priority to organic food more and more each day, provided that it did not cross half of the planet to reach us! I keep decreasing the amount of meat i eat, I buy less and less in large grocery stores, and I have completely gone away from big retailers. I prefer the farmers' market and I am learning to recycle my clothes. For cosmetics, as time goes on, I have been leaning more towards less "chemical" products and a simplified skin care routine. I am even thinking about letting go of my car in the coming months.

What does lipstick mean to you?

An accessory, it is enough in and of itself! But I don't wear it all the time. When I get it out of the drawers, it is usually because I have an important job appointment, because I want to make a statement. Not at all to seduce J

What is your favorite lipstick color?

A true "fireman truck" red.

Well, now that you're a Tiger, what's your mantra? 

Tiger Power!

Thank you Chantal!

Find Beauty toaster on Instagram @beautytoaster , on Twitter @beautytoaster and on her Facebook page @beautytoaster to be notified of her new episodes. During Episode 48, Chantal interviewed Alexis, founder of ALL TIGER.


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