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"My ultimate Tiger is my grandmother"-Julie Exertier, Exertier face Care

"My ultimate Tiger is my grandmother"-Julie Exertier, Exertier face Care

Julie has a quiet insurance, both sovereign and attentive to others, which permeates the values of Exertier, the brand of skin care she founded, inspired by her native Alps. Let us introduce a Tiger from the summits.

How would you like to introduce yourself?

I am Julie Exertier, the founder of Exertier Treasure of the Alps, the clean beauty brand of the French Alps.

I have becone what they call a 'slasher '! I was a celebrity stylist, marketing director, collection director, or even radio columnist... Basically I just need to tell myself that I wouldn't be able to do it, to give me the desire to try.

To describe myself I like to say paradoxical, hyperactive and feminist! the whole shabang. 


What's your jungle like?

My day jungle is clearly my business which is a permanent challenge because I think our young brands are revolutionizing the beauty industry, both by the composition of the products, the digitalization, and being more transparent.

My evening jungle is my family, and especially my two sons, my youngest being just 6 months old. And usually just about now, I'd recreate just for you the scene of the Lion king who shows his offspring to the world...

Absolutely! And precisely, from the top of your rock, when do you feel 'Queen of the Jungle '?

When I convince someone to support my brand, whether it's a reporter, an investor or a client. It's a great sensation when you're able to sell your project, and believe me I'm a real tigress when it comes to supporting Exertier.

Do you feel a rivalry with the other queens? It's a cliché that often comes back...

On the contrary,I believe in the benevolence of women. We are now understanding that uniting is being stronger. Look at the me too movement that really hustled things up.

On the other hand I refuse to be in a "women's club" because I find it segmenting. Which does not prevent me from having created around me a network of very powerful and inspiring women who have supported me since the beginning of the project and are very aware of the dilemma family-ambition that often tear us in two, us women.

I actually saw that the women of your family had taken part in the creation of Exertier...

My ultimate Tiger is my grandmother Ginette who is 92 years old. She is my model and has inspired the woman I am today. She is a true community leader, she wears her heart on her sleeve but she also knows how to bite if she has to.

I also admit that since I read Michèle Obama's bio, it has made me even more in love with her.

And what makes you stick your claws out?

Little macho comments, the ones that wouldn't be said to my husband, like: 'Is it not too difficult to have a baby AND work?'. While pregnant I was also told: 'Congrats to be running a business in your situation'. It's very 'gendered' and quite offensive in fact. In short, anything that can bring me back 'to my situation as a woman'.

What makes so happy you want to roar?

I'd say a text of love and support from my husband. A positive comment from a client. A ' Mom I love you' from my oldest, a million dollar smile from my youngest when I get home from work exhausted.

Natural, vegan, are those are important topics for you?

I grew up in the country, in the Savoy region of France, where I like to recharge my batteries. We live at 100 mph, and we have to to follow the rhythm. Reconnecting with the Earth is essential nowadays. I am quite rural on issues of natural, vegan etc...

Natural, OK, but the ingredient must not come from the other side of the world, organic if possible and the resource does not damage the planet, like palm oil. Vegan, yes, but for example our Honey products collection is not, but our honey is grown with a passionate beekeeper who pampers his bees.

Personally I consume 95% organic, if possible only buying from locals. Little meat unless it is of super quality and well produced. I love beautiful things that last, I had a part of my career in luxury products and it's super important to me to know how is done what I buy, and I think my passion of vintage saves the future resources of our planet!

What does lipstick mean to you?

It's fun, because when I was 20 years old I thought it didn't look good on me at all! And now I love to wear it. Bright red mostly. I find that it illuminates the face, that it is a kind of war paint to confront its personal jungle.

What about your favorite lipstick color?


It's time to choose your Tiger mantra...

I'd say Queen Mother Tiger. Because my animal instincts come to the surface with my two boys that I protect every day.

Thanks Julie!


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