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ALL TIGERS x FAVA protection hygiènique

Female entrepreneur that jostle feminine hygiene products.

Toxic composition of tampons and pads, toxic shock syndrome: feminine hygiene products are like lipstick, if big brands were really respectful of women, they would have come up with healthier products a long time ago.

Women have a lot of reason to worry when it comes to dealing with their periods. While the major established brands remain stuck in their habits, it is the start-ups that offer alternative solutions. 

At ALL TIGERS, we had the chance to meet these business leaders who want to change women's hygienic products. Cup, menstrual panties, organic tampons, health or environmental issues, Tigers who are determined to shake things up.

FAVA, the box for customizable intimate protection

Evelyn and Jeanne, the founders of the Fava brand, wanted a complete and customizable solution: a box of intimate protection that every woman can personalize according to her cycle and preferences, including tampons, pads, panty liners or even a cup, all 100% organic and eco-friendly. They are also partnered in an association that helps homeless women by distributing female hygiene kits. They are launching now: don't miss The Campaign for Fava pre-orders, the box of customizable intimate protection!

SMOON, the intelligent menstrual panties 

Mathilde, the founder of Smoon, has tackled another subject: the menstrual panties. A type of panties that combines performance and comfort to allow women to be free with their movements and feel confident, even during their periods. The panties are designed to absorb the equivalent of 3 tampons while being as comfortable as a classic panties. It can be used throughout the day or night, instead of or in addition to other hygienic products. Practical, pretty, well thought out... The Pre-orders of Smoon panties are in progress, and they're killing it!

SMOON Underwear menstrual Panties

MY HOLY, the crazy tampon

"PERIODS ARE NOT COOL BUT MY HOLY IS." At My Holy, language is sometimes raw, because "those bloody" periods deserve to be talked about without taboo!  Fiona and her partner Gabriel have embarked on an applicator-free tampon that's 100% organic cotton, subscription available for €5 per month. No wonder their crazy Instagram attracts a crowd of unconditional fans.

MY HOLY Subscription Organic cotton stamp

LUNEALE TEOLAB, committed to the Cup

For Léocadie and her partner Thomas, the menstrual cup is an every moment counts commitment. With the help of midwives and an ergonomist, they launched Lunéale, the first non-STEM ergonomic menstrual cup, to make its use even more enjoyable. Beyond the product, they gave themselves the mission of educating women on the benefits of the cup, economical, sustainable, safe and practical.  And right now, they're launching on Gofundme a campaign to support a student project to promote the use of safe and sustainable menstrual protection in Senegal. We told you they were committed! 

ALL TIGERS x La cub Lunéale-hygienic protection


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