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ALL TIGERS #JUNGLEQUEEN rouge à lèvres naturel et vegan

"Julia Roberts is a woman that has always been fascinating to me!"

Cheerful, and bubbly, Chloe beams with positive energy in every circumstance. We chatted about lipstick, Julia Roberts, the organic and vegan trends, and making life choices that make you happy... Please meet this blossoming Tiger! 

Chloe is wearing the matte liquid lipstick RED ORANGE 886

Shall we introduce ourselves?

My name is Chloe, and I'm a pharmacist. I used to work in a pharmacy, and today I work for a pharmaceutical lab. I am also Model. I split my time in between these two jobs, these two hobbies. And I have fun with everything I do!

Do you feel Queen in your jungle?

My Jungle is everyday life, that's my jungle! I enjoy running everywhere, doing a lot of things, doing one thing after another, constantly having to learn and grow, constantly giving the best of myself, constantly fighting to try to be the best of the best. So that is my jungle, simply because it's my life. 

I take great pride to have been able to make choices in my life, to become happier. I grew my two pursuits parallel to each other, it required a lot of energy, a lot of time, and I am proud to have held on to those choices. It was something I did for myself, to really feel more accomplished.

What makes your claws come out?

Injustice, wickedness, stupidity, human stupidity, that I really struggle with. People who belittle, crush others to shine, is something I can't stand. We should be smarter than that!

In all honesty, we all have moments where we are all supportive of each other, and other moments when it's all a competition. And, despite what people may say, it is as true for men as it is for women. We're all the same! I know how to be supportive, I have a real talent for listening, understanding or helping people. But when it comes down to a job, if I have to go to a casting for example, then I should be the ONE. I always give the best of myself, but that doesn't mean crushing others, it just means I want to be first. I'm not going to belittle others, I'll even encourage them to do as well as I do.

Who's the ultimate Tiger for you?

There isn't one particular person I am a fan of, but I would say that a woman who has always been fascinating to me, with her smile, her elegance, her freshness, is Julia Roberts. I've always loved her. That smile! She's truly radiates. And you can also feel a real personality behind that smile! A Tiger, basically.

Are you sensitive to natural or vegan beauty trends?

Oh yes, that's very important. It is not just a small fashion fad, the more it is on our path, the more we listen, the more we learn to appreciate this new vision of things. I realized that I was eating less and less meat, and I actually I feel better that way. I advise everyone to do little things to try to reduce certain things, to be a more on the organic side, to take the time to get fruits, vegetables, and to to eat in a healthier overall. I think it shows on the skin, the belly feels better, and it is a breath of fresh air!

Precisely, what makes you so happy you want to roar?

To see myself evolve, to see myself grow, to see that I learn things, that I age and that my life is more and more beautiful, and that I wake up with smile and happiness more and more. And then of course... my man! (laughter).

Lipstick: what do you think it means for a woman?  

We'd say feminism, character, charisma. What is magical is the possibility of giving yourself an identity just by changing the color of lipstick! And if you look at a woman, you can guess a little bit of who she is just by looking at her makeup. Lipstick is simply a great way to reveal a personality.

Do you have a favorite lipstick color?

My favorite color is Rosewood. Why? Because it is the lipstick that I will be able to wear in any given situation. It's feminine, yet isn't too attention seeking. I like that a lot. I can go from one place to another, photo shoot in the morning and pharmacy in the afternoon, it is both elegant and discreet. I also like more intense colors, like the one I am wearing in the photo. It shows a woman with character, sophisticated, in the evening, around a glass of wine. It would be more for an evening wear.

Thanks Chloe!

[Photo JB Jaud ]



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