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Our commitments

  • We exist because and for our community. We trust the collective intelligence, the talent and the creativity of our users. We are committed to promoting the image of an authentic woman, with what makes her strong and her moments of doubt. All women are welcome, our shades are selected for all styles and all skin colors.
  • Our formulas must be top notch, enjoyable to apply and to wear. No false promises: they do what they say. They comply with all regulations and follow a rigorous set of tests to be perfectly safe.
  • Our formulas are natural, vegan and cruelty-free, with a maximum of natural or organic ingredients. We are fully transparent on the composition of the products.
  • Our packaging is fiercely stylish, because it does us good, yet still making reasonable choices in an eco-responsible approach.
  • We donate 1% of our turnover to environmental causes, in this case to the preservation of the wild tiger and its eco-system in Asia, within the framework of the 1% FOR THE PLANET association.